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student in vascular biology and renal medicine at University College London Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health in the United Kingdom When no formal framework is in place, contributions and authorship should be discussed at the beginning of the project and in very clear terms, especially for a high-impact publication or if it is the first time two groups collaborate. If I feel that my contribution is fundamental to the work, then it is particularly important to negotiate a good placement in the author list—and if my collaborator is bringing substantial value to the work, it is important to recognize that as well.  As a postdoc, discussing authorship upfront made it possible to collaborate with other postdocs on a couple of projects such that each of us could be first author on one of them. I also found that when working with colleagues from other disciplines, raising awareness of the publication culture in your own field and learning about your collaborators’ can help find solutions that serve everyone.  Have you dealt with any authorship disputes? How were they resolved? I ran into a very uncomfortable situation once when an early-career researcher, also working under my postdoc adviser but on a different continent, wanted authorship on a paper I had already written as first author. This was a result of miscommunication, as I had discussed the topic of the project with them at a conference, so they felt like they had been part of its conception. Fortunately, my adviser was able to weigh in, reconstructing the genesis of the idea by going through my email exchanges with him and recorded workshop presentations prior to the conference. Ultimately, the author list was kept unchanged. One lesson I learned is to follow up on discussions, however informal they may seem, with a short email clarifying what I took home from the conversation. I was also in a situation as a Ph.D. student where my contribution to a project did not explicitly make it into the final publication due to space constraints during the revisions. The more senior authors of the paper you could check here persuaded me to stay onboard, partly to document the collaboration between psychology and physics (a political reason) but also because the dataset I had collected and analyzed had independently validated the method that was the object of the paper. This shows that contributions at all stages of a project should be considered for authorship, and communication should remain open and fluid between authors. Early in my career, more than once senior colleagues either took my spot in the list or replaced me with their protégé. From this, I learned to negotiate authorship before sharing any proprietary data or giving up any leverage you may have, and to avoid sharing ideas before confirming your role in a project. It can also be important to clarify in advance how the young researchers will fit into the political scheme. My first high-profile publication created turmoil—but then, many high-profile publications do, I later learned—as a senior member of the collaboration was not happy about a potentially important article being led by an unknown second-year grad student. I was lucky that some rules were in place and allowed me to keep my first-author position, but senior colleagues who acted as mediators advised me that it was better not to create further tension and to avoid a high-impact journal; the paper was eventually published elsewhere. This and other times when I felt that my contribution was not fairly recognized I usually spoke with my supervisor. A few times he intervened, but most of the time he would advise me on who would be the best person to talk to or how to present the problem without creating a fracture in a professional relationship.  For most junior researchers, the biggest challenge is asserting themselves respectfully.

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“Port staff along with the California Association of Port Authorities and the Port of San Francisco have lobbied to request a $250 million allocation to California’s ports to cover pandemic-related revenue losses,” Petrucione told the committee. “San Francisco has requested a sub-allocation of $60 million, including $15 million to cover lost cruise passenger tariff revenue.” As previously reported by the San Francisco Examiner, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a “no sail” order for cruise ships in March 2020 due to COVID-19, which forced the cancellations of 198 scheduled cruises into the Port of San Francisco. The CDC has said it may allow cruises to set sail again on U.S. waters by mid-July. The loss of cruise revenue is just one of the hits to the Port’s revenues during the pandemic. Rent click for more info payments have also plummeted from the Port’s tenants. The agency has forgiven about $14 million in rent for 225 tenants to help them weather the economic toll and has also deferred collecting tens of millions of dollars in rent from others. Parking revenue has also taken a dive. There was a 54% drop in the past year compared to before the pandemic, a decline from $20.1 million to $9.3 million, according to Port officials. California’s share of the federal stimulus recovery funding is about $26 billion. Port officials remain in conversations to secure the stimulus funding. It’s unclear when they may receive an answer. Lt. Governor Eleni Kounalakis, a former Port Commission member and current chair of the State Lands Commission, is among those who recently wrote to Gov. Gavin Newsom to request the stimulus funds for the ports. Kounalakis addressed the financial challenges facing ports like those in San Francisco and San Diego in an April 22 letter to Newsom and called them “a critical component of California’s economic recovery.” “California’s ports are backbones to local economies and home to treasured local, regional and international tourism destinations,” she wrote. “Supporting local ports now will save thousands of jobs and ensure speedy economic recovery for California.” Port officials have a strategy to navigate from out of stormy economic times to avoid layoffs in their proposed budget next fiscal year, which begins July 1. That includes repurposing $17.7 million in funding from “low priority capital projects” that was previously allocated as well as $9.1 million from completed or overfunded projects, not hiring for vacant positions and pursuing a $20 million loan from The City. In fiscal year 2019-2020, the Port’s annual budget was $146.8 million, which declined in the current fiscal year to $124.8 million, according to The City’s adopted two-year budget. The Port has proposed a $131 million budget for next fiscal year.