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Companies acquire their own data from business operations, but they also purchase and use data from outside vendors for AI and analytics. All data from the outside should be evaluated for trustworthiness and quality of data before data is used in AI and analytics. Vetting data from third parties should be part of every RFP. You can have your own data privacy rules and agreements with clients or online customers, but these data privacy rights get stretched when they are extended to outside business partners that may not have the same data privacy standards. . In these cases, there should be policies and procedures for data privacy not only in IT, but in corporate legal and compliance departments to ensure that customers/clients whose data could be used, anonymized or shared are aware of that fact. SEE: Data Privacy Day: 10 experts give advice for protecting your business  (TechRepublic) The Internet of Things and edge computing will increasingly contribute unstructured big data to systems. Because these devices are mobile and distributed, they can be easily lost, compromised or misplaced. At a minimum, IT should have a way of tracking these devices and their usage, and locking them down when they are reported as missing or misplaced. SEE: 5 data categories to learn for faster cybersecurity responses  (TechRepublic) 4. Is all IT aligned with your security settings? Many edge computing and IoT devices, as well as routers and hubs, arrive with default security settings from their vendors that don't match corporate security standards. As part of installation procedures, IT should include a step where default security settings are checked and then set to enterprise security settings before they are deployed. An appropriate level of data cleaning, which could involve data discards, data normalization, the use of ETL (extract, transform, load) tools, etc., should be in place. This is to ensure that the data that enters your analytics and AI systems is as "clean" and accurate as possible. SEE: AI can be unintentionally biased: Data cleaning and awareness can help prevent the problem  (TechRepublic) The algorithms and the data that are used in AI systems continuously change so that the assumptions for the AI that are true today may not hold for tomorrow. AI may also incorporate biases that are not immediately detected. Because of this, the process of monitoring and revising AI algorithms, queries and data must be continuous and ongoing.

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It’s just going to be a huge blessing, I think.” Newcomer of the Year: Ella Wheeless, Lake Belton When Ella Wheeless was a little kid and first getting interested in organized sports, she told her parents she didn’t want to play softball. “I didn’t want to get hit in the face with the ball,” she said, laughing. So they signed her up for soccer instead, and now it’s the other teams who are ducking out of the way, so they don’t take one of her mighty missiles off the kisser. In her first varsity year playing for a brand new program, Wheeless put together one of the great freshman seasons in Central Texas history. She pounded 43 goals and distributed 15 assists to lead Central Texas in scoring, and was an easy choice for Super Centex Newcomer of the Year. Wheeless actually considered playing basketball this season. But she excelled so much in Lake Belton’s preseason soccer skill workouts that she opted to just focus on the pitch. Nevertheless, she might as well be Larry Bird out there, because her movement without the ball puts her in great shape to find the net once the ball reaches her. “I think her ability to read the game,” said Lake Belton coach Jamie Brown, when asked what makes Wheeless special. “She moves off the ball really well, so she finds herself in those open holes, which gets her the ball more often and has more chances on goal. Then obviously she has great touch and can finish the ball.” If this was the soft opening for Wheeless and the Lake Belton Broncos, can you imagine what the grand opening will look like? The freshman took on a team captain role for a program comprised entirely of freshmen and sophomores — the new school won’t have a senior class until the 2023 school year — and pushed Lake Belton to a 27-5 record and a trip to the regional semifinals. “I didn’t really know it was going to go as well as it did,” Wheeless said. “I didn’t know we had this many girls who had played soccer before. But it ended up turning out better than I expected.” This soccer thing has worked out pretty well for Ella Wheeless. Even though, yes, she has taken a soccer ball off the face a time or two. “Yeah, but I really didn’t think about that when I was little,” she said.